Obama Proposes To Make Community College Free

By Christiaan van Huyssteen (@cvh23)

A few things:

1. “Reform”

‘Tax reform’, ‘healthcare reform’, ‘eduction reform’. If these policies are always so good, so why the constant need to ‘reform’ them?

2. “FREE!!!”

In between occupying multiple foreign countries, killing children living in $10 tents with $16m predator drones, bailing out banks and paying for Obama’s multiple golf vacations, it is uncertain how this ‘reform’ will be funded. Maybe they will just print the money.


From Zerohedge:

Yesterday, to much shock and dismay, Obama revealed his latest “noble” grand vision: provide a free community college education to millions of folks. Apparently now, far too late, even the community organizer-in-chief realized that with $1.2 trillion in student loans the Millennials will never be able to take their rightful place as the dynamo of US economic growth. What is Obama’s solution? Another free lunch. Socialist unicorns and Marxist rainbows aside, what will Obama’s “free” plan cost taxpayers? The answer: $60 billion over 10 years, according to a White House official.

3. “Community college!”

With students who go to real colleges not being able to find jobs, and having over a $1t in student debt already, how would subsidising students who go to inferior community colleges benefit America?

everything free

If you are against this, be prepared to be labelled ‘anti education’ by the loud and obnoxious left.

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