The potential for liberalism in South Africa

Rational Egoist

It being just the 5th day of the new year, we’re being treated to all sorts of predictions and theories for the year ahead, both worldwide and here in South Africa. As ‘complex’ as matters can at times appear, especially when you look at the fiasco that parliament was in the latter half of 2014, I think it’s possible to cut through all of the attempts to paint South Africans as mysterious and difficult to understand and focus on one point: South Africans are still fighting for freedom. This might strike you as reductionist but I think it’s vital to step back from the furnace and talk about philosophy and principles.

When I talk about liberalism, I mean exactly that. Liberalism. A philosophy of human liberty, of open markets, free speech and freedom from religious persecution. Nowadays when the word ‘liberal’ is used, it is said with a smirk of contempt from…

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