NATO and Ukraine

By Christiaan van Huyssteen (@cvh23)

The Ukrainian government has claimed that 1000s of Russian troops have invaded eastern Ukraine, but without any proof. The western politicians and their lapdog media (when it comes to supplying propaganda, Russia Today doesn’t compare to CNN, Time, Fox and the NYT) keep rehashing the same lines. We are told that Russian aggression is responsible for the chaos in the region, and that they must be stopped.


Quotes from the recent NATO conference in the UK:


“There has been a clear message sent to Russia that what president Putin is doing is indefensible and wrong” – David Cameron


“You will see more visible NATO presence in the east, I think that sends a very clear message to Moscow” – Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO Secretary General


“We’ll increase NATO’s presence in central and eastern Europe, and all 28 NATO countries will now provide security assistance to Ukraine” – Barack Obama


NATO’s new ‘spearhead’ force seems to indicate a shift from a defensive into an indirectly offensive organisation, with new commitments made by members to aim to increase military spending to 2% of GDP (military industrial complex rejoice!). There seems to be an intention to build more military bases along Russia’s western border. Imagine if Russia or China were building bases in Cuba, or sending their navy to the Gulf of Mexico.


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