The Nature Of Protests In Hong Kong

By Christiaan van Huyssteen (@cvh23)


Under the one country two systems doctrine, Hong Kong is technically a part of China, but it has a fairly autonomous local government, and a separate economy.

The central Chinese government is now interfering with the local Hong Kong election process, as candidates for the top office in HK, (that of Chief Executive) will need to be approved by a committee in Beijing (presumably to screen the loyalty of candidates to Beijing).

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US Now Bombing ISIS In Syria

By Christiaan van Huyssteen (@cvh23)


Barack Obama is the 4th consecutive president to bomb Iraq. I’m sure it will work this time.

The US is now also directly involved in Syria by bombing ISIS/ISIL militants.

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Sean Connery on Scottish Independence

By Christiaan van Huyssteen (@cvh23)

Yes and no thanks signs scotland

Photo Credit: The Guardian


A Scottish James Bond might forever be a thing from the past, if Scotland decides to secede from the UK.

An article by Sean Connery in The New Statesman:

“More than anything else, culture defines a country. It provides international visibility and stimulates global interest more than a nation’s politics, business or economy ever can…

I believe Scotland can and will go further. A Yes vote in September will capture the attention of the world. That inevitably means there will be a renewed focus on our culture as well as our new politics, presenting us with an unparalleled opportunity to promote our heritage and creative excellence.

I fully respect that the choice facing Scotland on 18 September is a matter for the people who choose to work and live there – that is only right and proper. But as a Scot and as someone with a lifelong love for both Scotland and the arts, I believe the opportunity of independence is too good to miss.

Simply put – there is no more creative an act than creating a new nation.”

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