stefan molyneux rationalising the liberal – conservative paradigm

By Christiaan van Huyssteen (@cvh23) (not a liberal or a conservative)


It seems too often nowadays people subscribe to a particular political position without doing any research or without any deep conviction.

The people most guilty of just joining the pack are modern liberals. What they stand for, should be noted, is a world away from the definition of classical liberalism.

Both sides are guilty of talking nonsense about one another, but it would seem that liberals have the upper hand as they are the loudest. Caring about poor people, respecting women, improving education. Who wouldn’t agree to these liberal ideals? It is when you start looking at how these goals should be achieved and what some of their outcomes or unintended consequences will be that you realise that these issues are very complex.

Modern liberals seldom make any economical or practically realistic arguments or suggestions, as it is much easier to just take the moral high ground, and attack those who don’t agree with you through name calling (bible bashers, fox news loving, poor hating etc.).

Often people may cling on to a particular political idealogy simply for the sake of not wanting to feel left out, or because it makes them feel good (similair to what shallow religious beliefs not held with true conviction offers a person).

Watch as Stefan Molyneux (well known philosopher – not a liberal or a conservative) expose a ‘The Young Turks” (popular liberal biased youtube channel) presenter’s irrational attack on them ‘dirty’ conservatives with rational (in my opinion) facts and arguments.


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