MH17: The World vs Russia

By Christiaan van Huyssteen (@cvh23)


The whole world seems to be ganging up on Russia. MH17 is just the latest excuse being used to vilify Russia, and Putin in particular.

The reason seems obvious, Putin is seen as the archetypal bad guy. Almost like a villain with some diabolical plan from a Bond movie. This is the narrative that western leaders seem to be pushing. Maybe there is a reason for this; the American and EU economies aren’t doing that great, and will use any reason to distract the people from the fact that the recession (depression?) at home is worsening. The media also feeds off of this madness.

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” ~ Rahm Emanuel, Former Obama chief of staff

Apart from noting that it is extremely coincidental for 2 Malaysian Airlines 777s to go down in very controversial circumstances, we simply don’t know the facts of what has happened. Anything passed as fact by any media source at this point is only speculation there is no evidence for claiming that “Putin is behind this” as many in the mainstream are saying. Maybe Ukraine shot the plane down, maybe Russia did maybe the separatists did. Who knows? Maybe we, the audience to this media frenzy should just stand back and wait for more information before we jump to any conclusions.


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